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So “apparently” men (or boys) are either gay or straight in closed brackets whereas women’s sexuality is so lucid to¬†oscillate¬†from men to women (and vice versa).

You’d think, to a feminist, it’d be a pleasant surprise to find that a societal conception of sexuality is more favourably fluid towards the “fairer sex” than the gender, they are supposedly biased against. However, it isn’t simply so.

What society, a.k.a the male mind, has sanctioned is for women to dwell in a lustful sexuality, so long as it pleases them. That is, in a way, women’s lesbian “ventures” are welcomed so long as they entertain and excite male fantasies and hormones.

The 'hot' lesbian moment in American Pie 2

However, when it comes down to a woman loving another in a deep connection, then its balderdash! The word out there is that women “experiment” with other women, although their hearts and hopes are ultimately tied to men while men just DO, either a man or a woman depending on that single defined sexual orientation.

MTV awarded it 'The Best Onscreen Kiss' but only as ridiculed 'fun'

Even the emotions and hormones within sexuality are supposed to be all about perpetuating the male archetype of masculinity, which is authority in business or pleasure, and the female objectification of her body and sexuality, as only defined by what pleases men.



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